Most women know bloating is a big enemy, especially when you are struggling with your weight. You go to bed hoping to see some improvement on the scales next morning, but when you wake up you are horrified to see that you gained two pounds since the last day! Bloating or water retention is one of the many challenges that we face. It makes our tummies look and feel big. It even makes our faces, hands and feet look all swollen up. How can you deal with it?

Tips to Reduce Bloating

1. East your dinner slowly and enjoy it at leisure. Most of us are hungry after a long day and tend to just gobble up our dinner while watching TV. But when we do that, we swallow a lot of air that causes bloating. So just sit, relax and slowly enjoy your dinner, without talking while you eat.

2. Give up or at least cut down on alcohol. Alcohol causes dehydration, which further causes your body to retain water and bloat. So cutting alcohol is a good way of dealing with bloating.

3. Sip on lemon water. Adding a dash of lemon to your water makes it a diuretic. This help in eliminating excess water from the body.

4. Avoid using straws to drink. When you sip through a straw, you tend to take in air too, which causes bloating and gas!

5. Take a light stroll after dinner. This helps in starting up the digestive process, which is usually sluggish in the evening.

6. Sip on ginger based drinks like ginger tea or ginger flavoured chai. Ginger is an anti inflammatory product that helps in reducing gas and bloating of the tummy.

7. Avoid eating too late in the night. You should ideally finish your dinner by 7-7:30 pm.


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