Emraan Hashmi is frolicking the honcho of an education mafia in Why Cheat India. The film also features Shreya Dhanwantari.

Why Cheat India is a masterpiece story that shows the cheating practices happening in Indian schools and colleges. ‘Why Cheat India’ exposes the redundant education system in our country. This is a film about how outmoded our education system is and the misconducts that reside in it. A lot of people will relate to it — students, parents, faculty and even the cheating mafia.

Soumik Sen’s Why Cheat India is based on such a man, one who wins the unnerving entrance examination gateways by sending well-prepared students to answer papers for rich contenders. The actor chosen for this cocky, audacious operation is ideal: the eternally unethical Emraan Hashmi.

Hashmi appears to be surging a yawn. Apparently based on a real conman, the film travels the country to show us students hardworking and depraved, but never finds momentum. The writing is flat. The gasp is ingenious enough to fill a great film, but Sen revels in apparent filmy cliché. There is no other way to explain the film’s mastermind Rakesh Singh (urf Rocky) announcing his entry with a fight scene.

The film tries to appear funny without being smart. There is a running gag about the actress playing Hashmi’s relentlessly talkative wife, but the joke is not in what she actually says, just the fact that she talks a lot. The actors are fine, especially some wonderfully unfamiliar old men, but the film doesn’t use them right.

Well, if you want to know more about the film, you can visit your nearby theaters to get a personal experience.


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