Karishma Tanna is creating a lot of headlines recently and is in media topics for her legal woes. According to reports, a Delhi-based event manager Manas Katyal has blamed her for fraud and cheating. A leading daily reported that Karishma was supposed to perform at a wedding reception in Haldwani on February 16, which was being organized by Manas Katyal. But she failed to do so.

The actress was supposed to perform at an event but she failed to make an exhibition instigating the event manager (Manas Katyal) a loss of nearly Rs. 10 lakh. Speaking to a media channel, Manas Katyal said that the actress was supposed to perform at an event in Haldwani but she changed her decision at the last minute after she landed in Delhi. He told the channel, “She threatened our driver with a false case of harassment if he didn’t turn the car around and drive her back to Delhi.”

Manas also mentioned that her no-show caused him a loss of nearly Rs 10 lakh and he wants her to compensate for it. However, Karishma has a different story to tell and says that Manas should pay her for harassment. She says, “I was told the show was in Moradabad. When we reached Moradabad, we found out that the show was actually in Haldwani, which is another few hours from there. I had told Manas right at the start that I have a back issue and can’t travel long distances.”

Commenting on Manas’s demands of compensating for his loss, Karishma said, “Why should I return the money? He should compensate me for the mental harassment that I was put through.”

It seems like the issue is heating and is in the high end between Manas and Karishma. What do you think?

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