Singer Akasa Singh was eliminated from Bigg Boss 15 this weekend. Due to a lack of audience votes, Akasa Singh was eliminated and Simba & Vishal Kotian were declared safe by the host Salman Khan.

Akasa made many friends during her month long stay, but the friendship that stood out was with Pratik Sehajpal. She seemed to have a crush on Pratik and it was often insinuated that something was on between the two. So when Akasa was eliminated, Pratik was expected to be hit the most. But Pratik did not show much emotion at the time. He just kept saying that it has not sunk in yet. No matter how long it takes to sink in, the fact is that Pratik lost one of his only 2 real friends in the house. Akasa was a strong support system for Pratik and was often seen smoothing the ruffles he had with other housemates. In fact, other housemates felt Akasa had an unfair advantage due to her bond with Pratik and Nishant. But Akasa was not seem doing much else other than standing up for Pratik. As Vishal Kotian rightly put it, Akasa was like a monkey and Pratik was like the madari! But Bigg Boss audience is very quick to chuck out whoever seems to be slackening in their game. Is Simba going to be the next one? Wait and watch.

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