Bipasha Basu has decided to follow in Priyanka Chopra’s footsteps. Priyanka made a tremendous effort for playing 12 different characters in Ashutosh Gowariker’s “What’s Your Rashee”. WYR failed to impress the audiences or the critics and did nothing at all for Priyanka’s career or image. Yet, Bipasha Basu is treading upon the same path, and fearlessly so!

Bipasha Basu is reportedly playing 11 characters in her forthcoming film titled Pankh. This is what Bips has to say about Pankh, “My director is a little eccentric, he is a little mad and that is the word for Sudipto. He is an eccentric Bengali man with a crazy mind to come up with a script like that. And at the same time he had this wild imagination about how my character is going to be portrayed because it’s an imaginary character. She keeps on coming in this man’s mind, but she isn’t a real person, it’s a little outlandish at times. It’s very theatrical, and very new. It was very interesting for me as this was very different from the Hindi films that we do.”

Riding high on the success of her workout video, Bips has a lot to look forward to this year. We hear that the work on second, and third parts of her workout DVD is in progress already. She also has a few films lined up for release this year. Talking about her upcoming films, Bipasha says, “I think “Pankh” is an art house film. It will definitely have a niche audience. It’s a very heart wrenching film and is quite a shocking story and I love it. Then there is “Lamha” it’s about the current day situation in Kashmir in which I play a Kashmiri girl. Lamha is again a very nice story and is very beautifully written. It has lovely music. Rahul Dholakia and Sanjay Dutt are fab. All my co-stars – Anupam Kher, Kunal Kapoor – have done fabulously in it. “All the Best” is like No Entry. It’s a situational comedy and it’s crazy. You will be laughing your guts out from the word go. It’s a good mix, I am having fun with all of it.”

We wouldn’t mind another “No Entry”, right people? There is not much information about Pankh and that just might be a good things for the film. It certainly sounds as mysterious as Bips looks. It certainly seems that Bipasha is going through one of the best phases of her life. Way to go gal!

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