Meet Akshay Kumar. The dynamic actor who entered Bollywood with a big bang as an action hero, then turned into a romantic comedian and has now become a doctor!!!

No, he is not playing the character of a doctor in his next movie. He has actually become Dr. Akshay Kumar! But before you start wondering how, in between all his movies and special performances in award shows, has the actor managed to find time for doing doctorate, let me tell you that he has actually been awarded the degree for his philanthropic work in the field!

Popularly known for his unbelievable stunts and action sequences, Akshay is the Indian Ambassador for the Special Olympics and has been associated with Trillium Health Care Centre and Vancouver Children’s Hospital. He has been conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Law Degree by University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada for his generous contribution in the field.

The star, who manages to miss most award shows, was feeling a bit nervous while receiving the honour, “Wow! This really is one of the most nerve-racking days of my life. My hands are shaking. I don’t think even an Oscar would mean as much as this means to me.”

He also added generously, “Indians believe that our success lies at the feet of our parents. It’s not I who should be receiving this award, but my parents.”

With the honourable degree Akshay has joined the league of ‘doctors’ in the industry including Amitabh Bachchan, Shilpa Shetty and Kamal Haasan.

We are proud of you Akshay!

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