It is again that time of the year when your boss meets with you for your annual review. It is a very frightening experience for some people. But there are people who actually thrive on feedback, reviews and appreciation. No matter which group you fall in, you obviously want to get promoted, Right?

No matter how low or how high up on the corporate ladder you may be, winning a promotion is always a tough challenge. Your previous year’s work has to be flawless, your interpersonal relationships have to be great. You need to be perceived as a team player, yet you have to always keep watching out for your own interests. Yes, it’s a multitude of factors that will decide whether or not you win that coveted promotion this year.

Memsaab brings you a few tips that could help you a lot in improving your chances:

Start From The Job Application: Though you may not be able to do much about it now, this tip will be useful when looking for a job change. When you apply to a job, make sure you know what your career graph in that company will look like in 5 years. Is there room for growth? Is the organization structure too flat, or is there space for your to climb up? All these are pertinent questions that you must find answers to.

Perform Well: This is the first yardstick by which your boss will measure your eligibility for a promotion. So give an excellent performance, every year. Don’t let your personal life or anything else interfere with your job performance.

Stay Put: Are you one of those women who shut off their computers as soon as the clock strikes 6? This could be one reason why you are not climbing up. While you finish your work and leave in time, your male colleagues are sitting right there in the office for an extra hour or two. They may not necessarily be contributing any more than you are, but they are more visible. Work on this. Either stay a little late, or try to arrive a little before others do. The idea is to be seen at your desk, more often than you are expected to be there.

Find A Mentor: Try to become friendly with a senior manager who can guide you through the highs and highs of your career. Mentors are not merely guides; they also come in handy when you need special favors. Getting a holiday sanctioned, performance appraisals, promotions etc are only a few areas where your mentor can help you a great deal. Plus, your mentor is likely to have a fantastic network of contacts that could be useful when you are looking for a new job.

Skill Enhancement: Growth in the corporate world is possible only if you continue to enhance your skills. This especially holds true for the people working in IT sector. Even otherwise, it is useful to keep updating yourself about the latest trends in the industry, and arm yourself with new skills and talents. You may also want to consider further education as a stepping stone to success.

Be Proactive: If you do everything you are told with great efficiency, you are not impressing anyone. Your superiors will be impressed when you start being proactive, and do things without being told. Take initiative and use some common sense to look for areas where you could bring improvement in the organization.

Don’t Be Reticent: If you are too shy to attend the office parties, or make small talk with people from other departments, this is an area you’ve got to work on. Building contacts within and outside your organization is very important. So try to overcome the shyness, and Be Noticed.

Actions Speak: Yes, actions speak louder than words. So make your achievements talk. Whenever you work on an important project, or achieve success in any area, make sure that people know about it. Without blowing your own trumpet all the time, make sure your boss knows that you are dependable.

Apply Outside: If you have been stuck in the same job for too long, maybe it’s time for change. Clearly your organization does not consider you worthy of a promotion. Whatever the reason may be, the bottom line is that you have to grow, within or outside the organization. So start looking out for a new job. Almost always, you can expect an immediate jump of position and salary. There is also a good chance that your company offers you a promotion when you put in your papers.

You may not be able to get your promotion this year, due to the recession and economic slowdown. But if you follow these tips, next year may prove to be lucky! Good Luck…

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