Being married to an international beauty queen comes with a lot many perks. Ask Abhishek Bachchan and he’ll confirm this. As wifey Ash makes appearances at international film festivals, Hollywood premieres and social do’s all across the globe, Abhi trots along, complimenting his gorgeous wife perfectly. In fact, the whole Bachchan Parivaar was seen at Cannes, flanking their darling bahu, who was there in an official capacity.

So now the Bachchan Junior, Abhi has been formally invited to Oprah Winfrey’s chat show, along with wife Ash. It’s not the first time that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been invited to make an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show. But it is the first time that she has been invited along with hubby Abhishek Bachchan.

The last time Ash adorned Oprah’s couch was in 2007. Draped in a classy sari, Aishwarya had bowled Oprah over with the chic elegance of her attire. Oprah found the sari so alluring that she asked to be draped in one herself! Though we do not know if Ash has repeated the Sari as her attire for the second stint on that couch, we do know that the episode has already been shot.

So what did Ash, Abhi and Oprah talk about? Mundane things actually! Marital bliss, family values and other similar stuff. Can’t expect Oprah to rake up controversies about ex lovers or the competition in Bollywood! What’s more, the prim and proper Aishwarya is hardly one to court controversies. Her diplomacy is well known and Oprah’s show can’t be much different! Talking about Oprah, her show is really like the mother of all chat shows. The candid confessions that Oprah wheedles out of her guests often send the audience to grab tissues. The best thing is that Oprah’s show is much much more than just a celebrity chat show.

The episode will definitely be worth watching. This is going to be the first in a string of interviews and chat shows that this power couple will be seen in, as a prelude to their next film, Mani Ratnam’s “Ravana”.


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