Sometimes out of choice, at other times out of the demands of the character he/she is playing, most stars keep experimenting with their look, most often their hairstyles.

Jennifer Aniston of F.R.I.E.N.D.S fame is known for experimenting with her hair style. Women have loved her art of looking equally good in every hairstyle she tries. But rarely has she seen a hairstyle following. She does not inspire them enough to rush to the closest hair saloon and get their hair chopped in the same style she sports!

But, here’s a dude who’s achieved such a fan following in India! Aamir Khan! From the moment he decided to experiment with his hair, he had a fan following behind him, jumping at every opportunity to copy the actor’s style!

And this, in spite of the fact that he is no young dude! He is a good, old, 40+ actor, who has decided to limit his appearance on screen to once a year! But his age just seems to add to his charm and charisma, attracting more and more young men to ape him!

If we trace back the history of his hair styles, no one was interested in looking like the young, chocolate-boyish, short, romantic hero that Aamir Khan once was. Even though, his performances were appreciated as much even in his good old days!

The fan following kicked off after Dil Chahta Hai, when he introduced the spiked look to the GEN X. After that there was no looking back! From the long hair locks in Fanaa to the latest semi-bald look of Ghajini, each of his style has been an inspiration for his fans!

In fact, Aamir’s hairdos are not just a craze in men, but women too! So much so that they have actually started accompanies their men to the saloons to make sure they get the Aamir Khan look that the lady wants!

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