If all goes well, you will soon see Aamir Khan playing the role of a mad man in a mental asylum.

After having enthralled audiences with his impressive performances in movies like Ghajini, TZP, Lagaan etc, Aamir is now all set to wow you with his take of a mantal asylum patient. Director Pan Nalin has asked Aamir to do the role, and reports suggest that Aamir liked the script a real lot.

Pan Nalin, or Nalin Pandya is an Indian born writer/director who has made waves in international cinema. He has written and directed many films that showcase the Indian arts and culture. This particular film is based on Saadat Hasan Manto`s short story ‘Toba Tek Singh’. The story is woven around a mental asylum in Lahore in 1947. It delves into the relationship between India and Pakistan at that point of time. As the two countries are created out of one unified India, comic situations arise in the asylum.

Pan has hopes of casting Kate Winslet in the role of Dr. Sophie in this movie. Kate is one of the finest actresses of this era and is known for essaying varied roles in many films. If Kate is unable to work with Pan, his second choice is Rachel Weisz, who is again an accomplished actress. In his own words, ”Either Kate or Rachel will be doing my film. I will be meeting both of them after my Cannes trip to finalise the casting. Either of them will be able to do justice to this marvelous story.”

Interestingly, report suggest that Pan is also considering Saif Ali Khan as his back up for the role of male lead Bishan Singh. So if Aamir is not able to take up the offer, Pan will probably work with Saif.

Wouldn’t it be simply great to see Aamir share screen pace with Kate Winslet? Two extremely accomplished actors from across the globe, coming together to make a beautiful piece of cinematic art!

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