Vaise toh Aamir Khan ‘remakes’ aur ‘sequels’ mein bilkul believe nehi karte, but there is one movie for which he has started ‘rethinking’!

Aamir Khan is well-known for being a perfectionist! He believes that remaking a movie leads to repetition. And from his movie profile, anyone can very well understand what he means by ‘no repetition’. We rarely see him repeating the character he plays in one movie, leave alone repeating a whole movie! He does not like to repeat himself or even copy other actors, however great their performance might have been in the original!

Till a little time ago, he used to shrug off the idea of making even a ‘sequel’ of any of his brilliant movies like Rang De Basanti and Lagaan. But now his mind is taking a slight bend.

The actor turned director is now planning to make a sequel of his hard hitting patriotic movie ‘Sarfarosh’! Through, he has given it a different terminology Taking the story forward. !

As per Aamir, the story of ACP Rathod (one of his favourite roles), in Sarfarosh is still incomplete. The story ended at a point where Rathod was still alive and so were the other lead protagonists, and therefore he feels that the story can be ‘taken forward’.

Now that he has also stepped into the director’s shoes, does he plan to direct this one himself or will he involve the director of Sarfarosh , John Matthew Mathan? Does Mathan even know about his plans?

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