A perfectionist, a meticulous director and an outstanding actor. These are no overstatements for a refined talent like Aamir Khan . The man has time and again proved it through his work in Bollywood!

His brilliant performances are being recognised not only in India, but at even international forums like The Oscars.

Some of the most brilliant performances of the year 2007 were seen in his movie, Taare Zameen Par. The movie is also India’s official entry into the Oscars this year.

And this is Aamir Khan’s third ticket to the Oscars! Before this, his patriotic blockbuster, Lagaan , had also found its way to the Oscars.

Aamir’s second break into the most prestigious awards of international films had come with the revolutionary, thought-provoking movie, Rang De Basanti.

And now, it’s the third time that Aamir has done Bollywood… or rather the whole of India proud.

So, would it be right to call Aamir Khan the Baadshah of Bollywood? When some of his die hard fans addressed him with this tag this is what he had to say,

“If Shah Rukh hears this, he’s going to be really upset”.

He had a good laugh on this thought.

All said and done, no amount of international accreditations can cool off the Khan vs Khan heat up in Bollywood!

The Khan looks very optimistic about his film’s entry into the Oscars:

“Whether we win an Oscar or not, we’ll definitely make the jury members cry.”

Sure it will!

Now the big question is, that where on one side he jumps at the thought of his films making to the Oscars, he shuns all awards that his own homeland wants to honour him with. Isn’t that unfair, Aamir uncle?

“As far as the Oscars are concerned, they’re a platform that give you the opportunity of addressing a larger audience. When your film gets nominated for the Oscars, people who aren’t familiar with Indian cinema go to the world cinema section at a DVD store and pick it up”, he justifies.

Well Aamir, isn’t Indian audience large enough, considering that it is the second most populated country in the world, flourishing with the largest film industry in the world?

We would still like it if you give a little more respect to some desi awards too!

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