There is no sureshot way to success in Bollywood. But interning with Aamir Khan is the closest you can get!

Aamir Khan is looking for two new interns for his production house. What this really means is that he is looking for two new people that he can train for a career in Bollywood. You can apply for these positions if you are interested in making it big in the movies! Whether you wish to be an actor or a director or are aiming for a career in the technical aspect of movie making, this internship could give your career a big boost. It will be like that big ladder in the snakes and ladders game!

The two Dangal girls Sanya and Fatima have finished their interniship with Aamir Khan’s production house recently. They started after wrapping up the shoot of their film, and have been busy spending most of their time with Aamir Khan during the internship. From meeting music directors to aspiring actors to casting agents, the two girls have seen it all with Aamir!

Sanya Malhotra reveals that the internship period involved longish hours, often 12 working hours in a day. Aamir is known to be a workaholic, and he expects same sincerity from his interns. Sanya said, “On some days, we would sit for almost five to six hours at (composer) Pritam’s office working on the background score. Later, we would go with Aamir for dubbing sessions, which would be followed by a meeting with the music or editing team. We would return home by 10 pm. When we went to work, we would listen to stories of how Aamir worked till 4 am.”

Does this sound like something you would enjoy? If yes, don’t waste a moment! Send your resume and application to Aamir’s Bandra office and keep your fingers crossed!

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Lavanya Mehra


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