No people, this is not gossip about the much talked about “Aamir Khan-Big B battle”. Aamir is the name of a movie being released on June 6. This is the date when the multi Bachchan starrer-RGV movie, Sarkar Raj is also slated for release. “Aamir” is a venture initiated by debutants. Though the promos of this thriller look quite interesting, the fate of this movie remains to be seen.

Film maker Anurag Kashyap is related in a way with this movie. The director’s protégé Raj Kumar Gupta is the captain of this ship. Anurag says, “My mentor has made a film that’s releasing on the same day as Rajkumar who was my assistant, which is a nice thing but I feel like a cucumber in a sandwich.”

From lead actor to director to cinematographer to music director, “Aamir” is a brave amalgamation of debutants. Rajeev Khandelwal might be making his debut in Bollywood, but he is not unknown to the people of this country. He was once the most loved character in Balaji’s hit series Kahiin To Hoga, the handsome Sujal Aggarwal.

Many TV actors have tried to make a foray into Bollywood in the past, but success has eluded most of them. After all everyone cannot be SRK, Right? So will Rajeev be able to make the transition to Bollywood successfully? Could he be the next big thing in Bollywood?

Rajeev says, “I am not even thinking about that. I am here to do my job. If I fail, I will accept it, I am a human being. I am not God that I will succeed every time. If I fail I will rise again, fight again and struggle. But I will not get discouraged because others failed to cross the barrier.”

“Aamir” is a small budget movie that has been completed on a shoestring budget of less than 5 crores. This thriller has been shot in the streets and alleys of Mumbai and is a brave effort by the director. Anurag says that he is really proud of this movie and hopes to be redeemed after the debacle of his No Smoking”. Inshah Allah…

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