1. You do not need to be regular. The story would not have moved ahead much even if you miss a few weeks in between. Go on, enjoy a month long adventure trip in Ladakh and come some back to catch your favourite soap right where you left it!

2. You don’t need to stick to one. All soaps narrate the same story. So, you can switch your serial everyday without missing out on an important twist in the tale!

3. They show women empowerment. Daily soaps truly follow Doordarshan guidelines. They insist that women are supreme and have all the power to build or break a family. Its corollary automatically holds true: Men don’t have any role in the family except giving reaction shots and nodding heads behind bitchy wives.

4. They teach you the DON’Ts of fashion. The female actors in the soaps demonstrate how excess of anything can be so bad for you by overdressing and looking outrageously ugly in a thick layer of makeup. So, you know exactly what to avoid while dressing up.

5. They carry your family culture forward. Your grand daughter will also follow the same daily soap that you do. The soaps last long enough. Isn’t that a great thing to share with your grandchildren?

6. It’s easy to recall names of new soaps. They all sound very similar to the existing ones and have the same initials.

7. They play our favourite Hindi songs… everyday! The soaps manage to create the same situation everyday and play the latest number in the background. So, you get to hear your favourite song without taking the pain of putting on your mp3 player.

8. They bring hopes to ugly faces. All Saas-Bahu serials demonstrate the miracles of plastic surgery. The actor’s face looks drastically different after a treatment. So, the principle can, as well, be applied to women who think they are ugly and want to change the way they look.

9. They give you confidence… by making you feel intelligent. The way the characters handle the simplest of situations (and end up complicating matters by not opening their mouth at the right time), you feel so evolved in comparison!

But as they say, nothing is perfect in this world. Even the ever-so-popular Saas-Bahu soaps have a small, yet unavoidable negative side:

They are all giving unfair competition to shows like the Great Indian Laughter Challenge.

Think about it. What makes you laugh more?

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