While TV shows compete for TRPs, channels like Star Plus, Zee TV and Sony TV are now considered entertainment for the elderly. India’s youth does not identify with traditional TV channels any more. The only TV shows that continue to hold the interest of our youth are Reality TV shows like Indian Idol and Bigg Boss. So what is the youth watching today?

India’s young are hooked to online streaming. As our data packs got cheaper, our addiction to the internet has increased manifold. People prefer watching shows nd films online even if they have access to the same content on regular TV. One reason for being hooked to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar is that a whole season of any show is uploaded all at once. So you do not need to wait for a whole week to find out wht happens next in your favorite show. The other reson is that you can watch everything without the distraction of advertisements. Sounds great, right?

But it is not! Here are 5 ways in which online streaming platforms and binge watching are ruining your life:

1. Encourages a sedentary lifestyle.

2. People now have less outdoor or social activities, more absorbed in TV.

3. Children are being ignored, parents are now using mobile phones and ideo games to babysit children so that they can watch their TV shows.

4. Couples have less bedroom activity and intimacy because one or both the partners prefer TV!

5. Encourages poor diet which is high in fat and Sodium, people are eating home cooked food less frequently.

Do you still think Netflix is a great idea?

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