As we remember Rishi Kapoor sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a chuckle and sometimes with a tear, we can’t help remembering that Rishi ji broke through convention with so many of his films. He started as a teenage romantic hero and soon established himself as a romantic hero for the youth to adore. Yet he surprised us time and again with his work. Here are a few times Rishi ji surprised and impressed everyone.

1. Bobby – Bobby is the breakthrough film that ushered in the era of younger actors. Before this film all actor and actresses were mature and stories were written for mature hero heroines. But with Bobby this changes. We were introduced to teenagers in love and this became the new trend in films.

2. Kapoor and Sons – Playing a 90 year old who brings the whole story together was as unconventional as it gets. People shy away from playing older characters but Rishi ji did it with such ease!

3. Agneepath – We were surprised to see the mean and ferocious side of Rishi ji’s vast talent. This was unlike anything we had seen in his films before.

4. Mulk – The story was written on a sensitive subject and Rishi ji played the part with such ease and perfection. It was again a role that was unlike any he had done before!

5. 102 Not Out – Once again we saw Rishi ji play an older character. His chemistry with Amitabh ji’s character was much appreciated.

It seems like Rishi ji was only just getting started with exploring his talent. He was now playing roles that involved more than prancing around trees wearing sweaters, and we loved his work now more than ever! Unfortunately all good things come to an end!

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