We are only now waking up to the reality of physical abuse of women in relationships. From celebrities to common women in villages, we hear of abuse at all levels of society. But there is an even more rampant form of abuse – emotional abuse.

What is Emotional Abuse?

Emotional abuse is an abusive behaviour towards someone that induces feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, shame or humiliation. It is so entrenched in relationships sometimes that both the parties are unaware of the problem!

Signs of Emotional Abuse

1. Unreasonable Demands: If he wants to know details of every minute – where you were or with whom – it is unreasonable. If he expects you to always stay at home and only go out with him, that is unreasonable. 

2. Being Blamed: If you find yourself being blamed for everything that goes wrong, for every fight, for every problem – it is emotional abuse. One easy way to detect this is the “I told you so” attitude. Even if proved wrong, such a person will not apologize.

3. Making Fun of You: If your partner leaves no opportunity to make derogatory jokes about you – your looks/education/job/clothes etc : this is also abuse.

4. Making you Beg for Forgiveness: If you find yourself begging for forgiveness, that is not an equal standing in the relationship. This behaviour stems from Master-Slave mentality and is abusive.

5. No Respect for your Ideas: A patronizing attitude which shows lack of respect is hallmark of emoional abuse.

The one question to ask yourself is : Do you think you are an equal in your relationship? 

If the answer is NO, chances are you are being abused.

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