Aanand L Rai’s Zero, a celebrity lorry with enthusiastically shaky helms, is a colossal mess. The movie has got mixed reactions from critics and movie audiences. Zero is also supposed to be a romantic drama about a dwarf seeking his place in the sun and paying means fair and foul to get there but at no point does the often unlikeable man’s troubles strike an honest chord.

Here below we have 4 reasons why critics dissed Zero:

>Poor writing: The writing of the story seems to have loose ends that have no knots and creative screens. The movie seems to be very predictable and has no wow factor for the people watching it in theater or cinema halls.

>Unusual projections: The movie has shown some unrealistic projections that do not seem real but radical. Zero flies too high and too helter-skelter to make any real sense at all – you watch with steadily declining interest solely because a superstar is at the heart of the effort.

>No real sense: Unrealistic storyline and lack of creativity have pushed the movie to an angle way far than reality and relatable. If only the film hadn’t been so absolutely spaced out and the physical disabilities and shortcomings of the two principal characters been treated less cavalierly, Zero might have added up to something more than it eventually does.

>More expectations and less light: Whenever we are rooting for Shah Rukh Khan’s movie, the expectations are always high. Zero as a movie showed zero effort to zeal the audience who are going only for the cast of the movie.

So, consider the above pointers before watching the movie Zero.


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