If you haven’t seen Mary Kom yet, you’ve missed something. The film has not taken a spectacular opening, but what else can you expect in a country obsessed with the Khans? Our audience is not very receptive to filoms that are centered around a female character. But don’t let the slow opening to mislead you into thinking that the film is no good. In fact, this is one film that you must watch for these 3 reasons:

1. The direction of Omung Kumar. From a reality TV host to directing a biopic on a female boxer who nobody had heard about till very recently…it’s a long journey. It doesn’t seem like this is Omung Kumar’s directorial debut. He tells Mary Kom’s story with such detail and holds it all so well, you’d think you are actually witnessing a life!

2. Priyanka, of course. She’s the absolutely perfect choice to play the star boxer. She seems completely at ease playing all the different shades of Mary. Her training and hard work shine through and force you to sit up and notice!

3. Mary, herself. Mary Kom’s story is nothing short of a Bollywood filmy story. Hard work, tears, disappointments, villains, love, struggle, comeback – the film has everything. Mary’s story is a real inspiration to everybody who is struggling to find their place in the world. 

What other reasons do you need? Go watch the film now!

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