Whether you are married, or in a committed relationship or in a simple live-in relationship, you must have had your share of problems. It is no news to married people that things change gradually over the years. Pessimists say that love flies out of the window when responsibility enters the doors! But that is not really true.

The truth is that as partners or spouses get comfortable with each other, they stop making the effort to please. Remember the courtship period? Both of you did so many things every day just to make each other happy. Now, the efforts have faded and so have the smiles!

Here’s a list of 10 things you can do to make him/her happier. You can rekindle the fire in your relationship and also repair it, if required, by just doing little things like these:

1. Say “I Love You” as often as you can. The very least should be once a day.

2. Ask him/her “How was your day?” every evening. Listen sympathetically as your partner describes the tensions and problems of his/her day. Be excited when he/she tells you the good things.

3. Surprise him/her. The surprise can be something as small as a single rose or something as big as diamonds. The best surprises, however do not cost much. More than the money, it’s your effort that counts. Rustle up a lavish breakfast before your partner wakes up this Sunday. Be ready to be greeted with a BIGG smile!

4. Don’t underestimate the power of compliments. A compliment is just a way of telling your partner that you value and appreciate him/her.

5. Being physically close is very important in a relationship. This can be achieved by merely looking into his/her eyes for 10-20 seconds and smiling. Hold hands as often as you can. Also, hugs are the best way of establishing physical intimacy (after sex, of course).

6. Make your partner feel attractive by flirting with him/her every now and then.

7. Be supportive in every thing he/she does. You may not agree with all the decisions your partner makes. But your love is strong enough for you to overlook the differences. So be absolutely trusting and supportive in everything.

8. Relive your old memories by talking about the past. Remember the trips and vacations you enjoyed. Go down the memory lane by looking at old pictures and recounting incidents.

9. Refrain from bringing up old issues that you have sorted out in the past. If your partner wronged you in any way and you chose to forgive and forget, do not bring it up again. Remember, you are not on the opposite sides!

10. Last, but not the least, respect your partner. Respect is very underplayed when we talk of successful relationships. But it is very important to have mutual respect.

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