A recent research study points out the flawed way in which most people cook their rice. Most people in our country also cook their rice in this same way. We cook rice with double quantity of water and let it cook till the water steams out completely. This method has been used traditionally, but rice cooked like this is not safe for human consumption any more. The reason is that the rice we buy is contaminated with arsenic and this method of cooking does not reduce the contamination in any way. We are being slowly poisoned with the arsenic in our rice!

In the research study, three methods of cooking were used.

1. The traditional 1:2 ratio of rice and water, allowing all water to steam out.

2. Using 1:5 ratio rice and water, draining out t he excess water after rice has cooked through.

3. Soaking rice overnight, cooking with the 1:5 method next day.

It was found that using the 2nd method cut down the traces of arsenic in rice by half. The third method yielded an 80% reduction in arsenic races in the cooked rice. 

This clearly shows that the correct way to cook your rice is to soak it overnight and drain the rice next day, them cook it 1:5 way. Arsenic poisoning has been linked with heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. It inevitably gets into the rice due to heavy use of pesticides and other chemical treatments. So being safe is important!

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Lavanya Mehra


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