In these times of Food-Gram, people love to experiment. Shows like Masterchef have inspired so many home cooks to try out new recipes and create new dishes. Sometimes, we end up creating a gem of a dish, and other times, these experiments turn into disasters. You win some, you lose some!

Recently, Twitter has been enraged with some of these food experiements. Tweeple reacted strongly to experiments involving Maggie noodles and Dosas.

Someone shared a video of a recipe that involved cooking Maggie noodles in milk with rose and turning it into a sweet dish.

A Twitter user shared another video of chocolate-cherry dosas.

Maggie and Dosa – 2 iconic food items that Indians love. Twitter users were offended by these experiments involving their favorite food items. But what do you  think about these experiments? Would you like to try the sweet Maggie noodles or the sweet version of Dosa with Chocolate, cherries and nuts?

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