Barley is one of our traditional grains that is getting importance once again. Barley has long been overlooked in terms of being a staple part of our diet. The preference for wheat and rice in India for many decades has discredited our traditional grains, barley being one of them. But now as dieticians and nutritionists delve deep into what our ancients ate, these lost grains are finding acceptance once again.

What is the benefit of eating barley? Barley is known to be a low calorie grain. It is also rich in fiber. These 2 facts make it ideal for including in a low calorie diet intended for weight loss. Barley also helps in reducing cholesterol and improving heart health. So naturally, it should be a part of everyone’s diet.

So how can we include barley in our diet? One simple way is to make barley roti and replace wheat with this roti on some days every week. You can also try the South Indian variation and make barley dosa! Another possibility is to replace rice with barley. So try barley khichdi, barley risotto, barley with baked vegetables etc. Get creative and you will find new ways of cooking and eating barley!

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