As the festival season has kicked in properly, we are now in that one month when we gain the most weight! This is because we will now be surrounded with dry fruit, chocolates and mithai everywhere we go! Many of us will opt for sugar free mithai and desserts, but even those are said to be not so good for your health.

So today we bring you an idea – a very simple and new dessert that you will love and even your guests will enjoy! 

Parfaits are desserts made of layered fruit, yogurt or cream, cereal etc, served in a tall glass.

How to Make? The best thing about parfaits is that you can serve one with whatever you have in the fridge! There is no need to buy specific ingredients, though you may find yourself forming favorites.


Fruit: A combination of fresh seasonal fruit may be used. Mango and berries are the best choices, but you can try bananas, pineapple, citrus and even papaya.

Cream: You may use thick cream, beaten and sweetened malai, sweetened dahi, or store bought yogurt.

Cereal: Granola is the best choice here. But you can go for any crunchy cereal if you do not have granola.

All you need is a tall or round glass to serve your dessert in. Start with a layer of cereal, top with a layer of cream. Pile on a layer of chopped fruit and top with another layer of cream. You can make as many layers as you want, and in any order you prefer! Top with a sprinle of chia seeds for added nutrition!


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