The current global Corona virus scare and resultant shutdown has affected India too. People are trying to stay indoors and impose self isolation as much as possible. A lot of people are now working from home, or not working at all. This obviously has huge economic impact on everyone, but it also affects our physical health. 

Staying at home all day means that we will be lazy and spend a lot of time on the couch, watching TV. So it is important to take care of your health during this trying time. Get regular exercise and commit to eating healthy nutritious food. So today we bring you a simple and easy but very healthy healthy recipe, that is full of protein and highly nutritious.

Easy Egg Salad

Ingredients: 2 Boiled eggs, 1 boiled potato, jalapenos or green chillies, Vinegar, Olive oil, Mayonnaise, avocado (optional) and chopped fresh coriander.

Method: Finely chop Jalepenos or green chillies, removing the stalk and seeds carefully. In a large bowl, chop up the eggs and potato. Combine all other ingredients and season as per taste.

Serve as a salad or as a filling for your sandwich if you are longing for some extra carbs! Can also serve with tacos or nachos.

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Lavanya Mehra


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