Most health conscious people know that protein is one of the most important building blocks of muscles and good health. So much so that a lot of previously-vegetarians are now eating chicken just to get a good dose of protein. A lot of people are eating eggs religiously, to get their daily protein. But there are some of us who neither eat chicken nor eggs, what do we do for protein? Contrary to what most people believe, vegetarian Indian diet does have many sources of protein and SATTU is one of them! 

What is Sattu?

You have probably not even heard of it. This is because like everything else traditional, we are forgetting our traditional food items as we embrace the Western diet. Sattu is a traditional mix of healthy grains that is full of protein. Sattu is made by roasting different combinations of bengal gram, chickpeas and barley in sand or an iron wok. The roasted grains are then made into a flour that is brimming with protein. Did you know that just 100g of Sattu gives you around 23 g protein. This is not only a vegetarian source of protein, but also a cheap one. In fact, Sattu is often called the desi Horlicks in Northern parts of India.

How to Consume It?

You can make your own sattu or buy it readymade at the store. You can even buy sattu mixed in with regular wheat flour for easy daily consumption. 

Sattu can be made into a stuffing for your parathas by mixing it with herbs, chopped onions and green chillies. You can also make sattu pancakes or sattu laddos. Since it has a cooling effect, sattu drinks are very popular in hot summers in the North. 

If you are looking for a vegetarian source of protein, go buy some Sattu!

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