Gone are the days when you could just stroll  out with your children on a hot summer night and buy kulfi from the matka kulfi wala who seels it at the corner of your street. The hawkers are gone, the kulfi is gone, but our desire to enjoy kulfi on hot summer days and nights is still there!

Here is the easiest recipe to make your own malai pista kulfi.

Ingredients: Cream or malai, a few strands of kesar, pista, cardamom powder, condensed milk and sugar.

Method: Boil half of your cream with the kesar strands in it. Now leave the kesar cream in fridge for a few hours.

Now mix the kesar cream with the remaining cream and beat the mix till soft peaks form. 

Now mix all the remaining ingredients in and pour the mix into moulds. If you do not have moulds, you could use plastic cups or even a steel container to set the kulfi.

Once set, demould and enjoy with your family!

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