Gur (jaggery) is an important part of our winter diet. It provides the sweet warmth we crave in the winters without adding too many calories. It is known to have certain health benefits and even Diabetics turn to Gur for their sweet cravings in winter. There are many popular dishes sold in the market that are made from gur. From tilpatti to gachchak and chikki, we have many options. But one popular option that is considered good for health is masala gur. So today we bring you a simple recipe for making your own masala gur this season!

Masala Gur – Ingredients

1/2 kilo Gur, mixed nuts (2 tbspn), 1 tsp saunf, 1 tbsp saunth powder, 1 tbspn mixed seeds like flaxseeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, 1/2 tsp black pepper powder and 1 tbs ghee.


Start by dry roasting the mixed nuts and seeds on a low flame. When done, crush them all coarsely and keep aside.

Now in a pan, heat up the ghee and then add in pieces of gur. Heat the mixture on a low flame till the gur melts. Now add in all the remaining ingredients and the roasted nuts/seeds. Mix everything well.

Transfer the mix to a greased plate and keep aside tos set.

Cut into pieces and transfer to an air tight container. Enjoy!

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