Since winter is around the corner, there are some winter dishes that we wait all through summers and now that the winter has set in, we just can’t delay any more to have them. One such winter-special flimsiness is panjiri. It is a ladoo-like sweet that is rich, succulent and one of the most comforting foods that can help us wade through those freezing days ahead.

Making Panjiri is very tranquil but marginally time consuming. You should roast edible gum crystals or gond, dry fruits and lotus seed in ghee until golden brown. Then fry wheat flour in the remaining ghee until light brown. The dry fruits are powdered and all the ingredients are mixed with powdered sugar to make this North Indian Panjiri recipe.

How to make Panjiri Step by Step

>Heat 1 tbsp ghee in a pan.

>Roast gond until puffed and then take out on a plate.

>In the same ghee, roast the makhana until crisp and then take out on a plate.

>Add another tsp of ghee in the pan. Roast almond, cashew nuts, pistachios, coconut, musk melon seeds and flax seeds and then take out on a plate.

>Roast poppy seeds until browned and let the dry fruits cool down.

>Grind them to make a coarse powder. In the remaining ghee, roast whole wheat flour until golden brown. Remove the pan from heat and let the mixture cool.

>Keep mixing throughout the process. Once the flour mixture is cooled, add powdered sugar, dry ginger powder and ground dry fruits. Store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.

 Your Panjiri is ready.


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