If you have been trying to get your family to eat oatmeal for breakfast without any luck, here are a few sneaky ways to get them to eat oats without turning up their noses!

Oats have no taste of their own, so it is very easy to sneak them into our favorite recipes. So here is how you can make your favorite dishes healthier by using oats.

South Indian food: Grind a packet of oatmeal into a coarse powder and store in an air tight container. Now use this oats powder every time you want to make instant idlis, dosas or uthapams. Mix oats with a little rava, add dahi and usual spices and make the batter like you always do! Your family will never find out that you fed them oatmeal!

Khichdi: Try to replace rice with oats in this favorite comfort food of India. You may completely replace rice with oats, you may keep some rice and use some oats along with dal, veggies etc. 

Masala Oats: Try making a spicy oatmeal breakfast with tomatoes, garlic, ginger, onions and your favorite spices. Don’t forget to add colorful veggies!

Nutty Oats: Make your usual oatmeal with oats and milk, but add a handful of badam and pista.

Fruity Oats: Elevate the simple oatmeal by adding a twist of seasonal fruit in a tall glass. Strawberries, bananas and kiwi are some of the best options!

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