Nobody thinks of psta when they think of healthy food. Pasta is generally considered to be unhealthy because it is heavy on refined carbs and cheese. But if you or your kids love pasta, you can give it a healthy twist!

Make Your Pasta Healthy

To give a healthy twist to your pasta, just make it more balanced and nutritious. Let us begin with the most lacking nutrient is pasta – Protein. To add protein to your diet, you can either add some protein to the cooked pasta or choose a pasta packed with protein. So when you cook your pasta, add in some lean protein like boiled eggs or chicken. Or you could add some cooked chickpeas or black beans to your pasta. The other option is to buy pasta made from chickpeas or beans.

The next thing to add is some healthy fats. Adding some walnuts, avocados and virgin olive oil is a great idea to make your pasta healthier.

Lastly, add a dash of fresh greens and vegetables to your pasta. You should have enough fresh greens and vegetables on your platter, to see more of the vibrant color and less of the white pasta itself!

Lastly, when you serve your pasta, keep a check on the portion size. If you follow these tips, you can enjoy pasta regularly without any guilt!

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Lavanya Mehra


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