It is in human nature to blame our troubles on other people or things. Early man blamed the wrath of Gods for disease, and we modern humans have moved on. We blame the colleague who had a runny nose if we start sneezing at home. The unclean environment at school gets the blame if our little ones fall sick! Rarely ever do we admit that we ourselves might be at fault. It does not occur to us that we may not be the most hygienic of people, and that our environment at home may be responsible for sickness in the family!

How to Have a Clean and Hygienic Kitchen

1. Clean and disinfect cooking areas near food items before and immediately after use.

2. Clean your sink with a disinfectant every couple of days.

3. Clean your fridge, take everything out and throw out all the things that have been sitting there for over a week. Do this regularly.

4. Keep all your sponges and washcloths in clean and dry state as far as possible. At least once every couple of days, microwave them on high for 2-3 minutes to get rid of all bacteria etc.

5. Be very diligent when washing food products before cooking.

6. Remember to clean all surfaces after cooking.

7. Do not be afraid to use an insecticide if you see cockroaches or other insects inside your kitechen.


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