If you love idlis but are avoiding rice, then this is the answer to all your prayers! Meet Daliya Idli – broken wheat pretending to be rice by dressing up as Idli! But this does n’t just look like an idli. Thanks to all the South Indian masalas and flavours, this will even taste like idli-sambhar!

How to Make It?

To make the Daliya Idli batter, you will need: 1 cup daliya, 2 cups dahi, grated or finaly chopped vegetables of choice and salt.

Start by dry roasting daliya in a pan. When it changes colour, turn the heat off. Now grind the daliya in a grinder along with the dahi. If you have sour dahi, the idlis will turn out even better. 

In a mixing bowl, pour the batter mixture from the grinder. Add the grated/chopped veggies. You can use carrots, beans, peas etc. Season with salt – and the batter is now ready to ferment. Leave in sunny area for 2 hours.

Now steam your idlis and serve hot with sambhar and chutney!

This dish gives you a balanced amount of protein and carbs with awesome taste!


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