We all drink tea at home, at work, visiting friends etc. Most of us need a cuppa right after waking up to get started with a new day. But did you know that your daily cuppa could also hold health benefits for you? Tea itself is known to contain antioxidants which have health benefits for you. But the spices and flavourings you add to your brew have their own benefits. 

How To Make Your Chai Tastier and Healthier

– Cardamom Tea: Adding a powdered cardamom to your brew makes it more flavoursome, we all know that. Did you know that this tea improves digestion and helps with flatulence? It also helps in detoxing against excessive caffeine and helps in soothing a sore throat.

– Ginger Tea: Grandma wasn’t wrong when she made ginger tea for a sick you! This brew is especially helpful for people with colds and sore throats. It also helps in reducing menstrual discomfort and strengthens immunity.

– Clove Tea: Cloves are well known for their medicinal properties. Naturally, clove tea is also very healthy. It soothes sore throats and reduces bad breath. It also prevents nausea and helps with acne breakouts.

– Cinnamon tea: Cinnamon tea is known to lower bad cholestrol and also helps in reducing blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes. It also improves memory, alertnes and cognitive abilities, besides building immunity.

– Fennel Tea: Fennel tea is known for its curative properties of the stomach ailments. It relieves gas without inducing flatulence and soothes an upset stomach. It also enhances natural breast milk production in lactating ladies. It is also known to help with weight loss. It is also a natural diuretic. So it helps in excreting sodium naturally, thereby reducing risk of hypertension.

– Lemon Tea: This brew is especially popular with young girls trying to lose weight. It is also known to remove toxins from the body, thereby reducing the chances of getting skin cancer. It also helps with digestion, gas problems and acne.

– Masala Chai: This particular brew combines the health benefits of all the above (except lemon tea) as the masala incorporates all spices listed above.

So which one will you be having today?

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