In the hot summers, Kulfi which is essentially a frozen Indian dessert is much pursued after. So, if you want to make kulfi at home, we have jotted down the easy kulfi recipe for your ravishment.

If you don’t want to be slaving over the stove you can use a cheat recipe with condensed milk instead. But some would like to go the traditional way not comprising on the rich creaminess and gorgeous caramel flavor, you can follow the below steps:

1. Sometimes to reduce the time people may use cornstarch/cornflour, ground up white rice or unflavored gelatin to thicken the milk. Some may also add mava or khoya to enhance the intensity of the flavors.

2. The more sugar you add, the softer kulfi will be when frozen.

3. For simmering the milk, use a wide pot with a large surface area to hasten the process.

4. While boiling the milk, keep stirring it frequently else it will burn. Sugar helps in scalding down.

5. When you freeze the kulfi, it will expand so leave some space in the mold.

6. Experiment with fruity and nutty flavors. You can use lychee, paan, mango, dry fruits like almonds and pistachios and spices like cardamom and saffron. Adding just a pinch of salt can help balance the flavors.

7. Cool the mixture before you pour it into molds. Also, you can place the mixture in the refrigerator for about two hours so as to avoid the formation of ice crystals on freezing.

8. You can use disposable paper cups as molds if you don’t find the original ones. Insert the sticks only when the kulfi is semi-frozen. Your kulfi is ready after an hour.

So, try the above recipe at your home and enjoy the summer.

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