A lot of vegetarians all over the world get mocked for their dietary preferences by meat eaters. Why? This is because the meat eaters are misinformed about most things vegetarian. There are a lot of myths surrounding vegetarianism and we are about to debunk those right now!

Myths About Vegetarianism

1. It’s Not Tasty: Really? Wrong! The dishes are so yummylicious that most vegetarians never feel tempted by non veg dishes. Doesn’t that say something?

2. No Protein: This one needs to be put at rest now. Vegetarians get a fair share of protein in pulses, beans, grams, cheese, soy products etc. These foods also provide the essential amino acids we require. So don’t go bananas about the protein!

3. It’s Just Grass: The vegetarian menu is much wider and has a lot more scope than the non veg one. There are scores of ingredients to choose from, you could have a new one each day and yet not run out of ingredients even after a month!

4. It’s Easy To Prepare: Wrong again! Veggie dishes can be very complex, a lot more complex than marinating the meat and beating the eggs!

5. It’s Just For Health Freaks: Naah! Vegetarian food is not always healthy. For instance, most chat items in India are vegetarian and unhealthy! There’s not much relation. But yes, non vegetarianism does affect health in a negative way.

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