The largest number of vegetarian people live in India. Even though a lot of your youngsters are converting to non-vegetarian lifestyles, there is still a big number of vegetarian population in our country. The other big trend on the dietary map today is Ketogenic way of eating. It is said that a Keto diet is not only great for losing weight, it is also helpful in reducing blood Cholestrol and protects against Diabetes. So if a vegetarian wants to go on a Keto diet, how do they do that? Is it even posible?

Ketogenic diet is the diet where you get most of your daily calories from proteins and fats. Carbohydrates are a very small part of the daily calorie allowance. For vegetarians, the most common source of protein is dals and beans, and the main part of a meal if rice or roti. If you want to go on a Keto diet, the dal, beans, rice and roti – all need to be cut out of your diet! So what do you eat?

If you wish to eat Keto-Vegetarian, the foods allowed are: paneer, cheese, tofu, soy products, green leafy vegetables, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, berries and nuts/seeds. If you can combine eggs with these items, your Keto-Vegetarian lifestyle will be a little easier. You have to remember that potatoes, beans, dals, rice and wheat are not allowed. Since the list of items allowed is very limited, you need to be very creative with your recipes!

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