The hot Indian summer is here and we are all struggling with it. The intense heat wave across the country makes one pine for chilled cool-down drinks and the most favorite options is our desi nimbu paani. Also called Lemonade, this drink has great cool down properties, is yummy, and also provides a kick of Vitamin C!

But if you are still serving simple lemonade to your family, here are a few other variants you could try this summer. All you need is fresh lemon juice, sugar or honey, water, and your favorite seasonal fruit. You could use oranges, water melons, mangoes – raw or ripe, guava etc. You could also use your favorite juice if the fruit is not available.

Start by making your usual lemonade, going a little slow on the sugar as we shall be adding fruit/juice.

Now add in a little of your favorite fruit juice. You could add in chopped fruit now too. It is purely a matter of choice – fruit or juice or both! Serve in tall glasses and enjoy!


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