Whether you are having an Independence Day party, or whether you are celebrating it with family, these food items will surely be a big hit! From Tiranga Pulav to Tri-Colour Parfait, there are so many food items that can be given a tiranga twist.

You can make tri-colour sandwiches, tri-colour idlis, tri-colour dosa, tiranga pulav, tiranga biryani, tiranga rice plate, tiranga salad, and even tiranga pasta! You can make your rotis in the tri-colour, you can even make tri-colour desserts like kulfi, rasgulla, fruit cream etc. All these can be done without any use of artificial colours. All you need to do is choose your dishes and ingredients wisely. For example, you can make a 3 layered tiranga pulav by using basic ingredients in your pantry. You just need to prepare your rice in 3 different colours. Your regular steamed rice will make the middle white layer. Prepare a layer of saffron-red rice by mixing plain rice with a curry made from tomato puree. The green layer can similarly be made by mixing rice with a curry made of palak. The three different kinds of rice is laid out to make your tiranga pulav.

Natural ingredients like mint, coriander, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, carrots etc can be used to colour your snacks and dishes in the tri-colour. Your children will love to participate in this activity too. Enjoy the fun!

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