There is a new trend in the world of diet and nutrition every now and then. These days you must have heard or read about bulletproof coffee. What is it? Does it really guard you against bullets?

Naah! It is just a new concoction made with good old coffee that is supposed to make you more alert and heighten the effects of caffeine. Though the trend has really caught on in the West with coffee shops selling this new drink, you can make your own at home version!

How to Make the Bulletproof Coffee


Freshly brewed black coffee: 1 cup

Organic Unsalted butter: 1 tbsp

Coconut Oil: 1-3 tbsp (your choice)

Cinnamon (optional): a pinch

Method: Put everything in the blender and just blend for 25 seconds. 

Enjoy your extra creamy and rich version of latte – also called Bulletproof Coffee!!!

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