Megha loves to eat! She has a good appetite and is fit and healthy. But recently she has found it difficult to fit into her skinny jeans. The culprit, of course, is irresponsible snacking. The reason why we gain weight is not that we eat as much as we do. The blame lies on ur choices when it comes to food. So Memsaab brings you a list of easy-to-make and yummy snacks that will appeal to any pallette.

1. Crispy Toasties. Just decorate your bread slices with assorted salad/sandwich items and top with low fat cheese. Pop into the oven for a couple of minutes, and your crispy yummy toasties are ready!!!

2. Fruit. This snack will never go out of style! Fruit is delicious, healthy and requires no preparation time.

3. Hummus with Baked Chips or Crisp Veggies. 

4. Upma/Poha. Just make sure it is cooked in a little oil.

5. Fresh Popcorn. Avoid too much butter.

6. Salads. Go crazy with ideas here. Add boiled  lentils, gram, eggs, paneer cubes etc to your salad and see how the flavours change.

7. Breakfast Cereal. Who says you can’t have it at any other time of the day?

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