Pakoras are a favorite snack all over the country. We all love these crispy fried fritters, especially when it is a little chilly or wet. Surely you remember your mom frying some bhajiyas when it rained? What do you do when you feel like eating some pakoras? Do you go out and buy some or do you fry some yourself?

6 Types of Pakoras Everyone Should Know How to Prepare

Batter: The batter for pakoras remains the same. Just mix up besan and water. To add your own taste to it, add salt, chillies, dhaniya powder, hing, kasoori methi, dhaniya leaves, amchoor etc – according to your preference.

1. Basic: Potato and Onion pakoras the the most basic, most common and also most loved varieties. Thinly sliced onions or potatoes, dipped in batter and fried in hot oil – yumminess! You can also chop onions and potatoes finely and make a mixed pakora batter to fry mixed ones.

2. Vegetables: Gobi and Baingan pakoras are also favorites. You can make gobi pakoras yummier by making slits in the florets and filling in some salt/spices before making the pakoras. You can make pakoras out of almost any vegetable you like.

3. Greens: Make seemingly healthier pakoras by using green leaves. Palak pakoras and Methi pakoras are very popular.

4. Soft Whites: You can make protein packed pakoras by using paneer or boiled eggs as the main ingredient. Boiled eggs can be sliced into 2 and dipped in batter to make fritters. For paneer, cut out a thick slice and make a cut in the middle. Fill in salt and spices or some green chutney. Dip and fry!

5. Fish Pakoras: If you enjoy fish, pakoras are a nice way of making your fish crispy and yummy.

6. Vada-Pav: You can make your own vada. Boil and mash potatoes. In a pan heat up some oil, add mustard seeds. When they start spluttering, add some ginger and garlic, salt, haldi, spices etc. Mix in mashed potatoes and stir till everything is mixed into a nice filling. Now take a spoonful of filling, shape into a ball and dip into batter. Fry to make nice vada!

Serve these pakoras with some nice green chutney and imli chutney!

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