Winter is a time when the markets are flooded with colorful and nutritious fresh produce. From green leafy vegetables like saag to purple cabbage and colorful bell peppers, there is colour everywhere you look in the markets. But how do you use these lovely vegetables from winter markets?

Tips to Use Winter Vegetables

1. Saag – Green leafy mustard is a well known vegetable that is high in nutrition and taste. Enjoy mustard greens cooked into a thick saag with makki ki roti!

2. Roasted vegetables – If you are dieting, make yourself a platter of roasted vegetables.

3. Soup it – There is nothing better than hot soup to warm yourself up in cold winters.

4. Stir Fries – This is the best season to make stir fries as vegetables are in abundance and you can make a stir fried side dish in 5 minutes!

5. Colorful salads – Do you know raw vegetables are great for your health. So make a colorful salad with greens, purple cabbage and bell peppers. Add in some paneer to make it more filling too!

Feel like trying these tips out?

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Lavanya Mehra


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