Whether you live alone, or whether you live with a husband and kids, it is always a good idea to give attention to the first meal of the day. But what does one do if there is no time to cook breakfast?

5 Minute Breakfast Ideas

1. Boiled Eggs. Takes 5 minutes to boil them, have them with wholewheat toast and juice, or coffee if you need your morning cuppa!

2. Omelettes. Another great way of cooking eggs in a couple of minutes! Have it with wholewheat toast and your favorite morning beverage. To have more fun, keep chopped veggies in your fridge and sprinkle a few into your omlette every monring!

3. Smoothies. Just jazz up your favorite fruit with a glass of milk and some ice in the mixer. For more bite, add a handful of oatmeal. There’s a powermeal packed into a glass, in 5 minutes!

4. Leftover Sandwiches. Just warm up your leftover dinner’s sabzi in the microwave and use it as a filling for your sandwich in the morning! Couldn’t be easier!

5. Fruit Yogurt. Chop up a few seasonal fruit and mix into fresh curds. Add a dash of lime and honey if you like. That’s another nutrient rich easy breakfast!

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