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Your favourite website ‘Memsaab’ has donned a new look. Inline and keeping with the changing times, ‘Memsaab’ has got a new feel and a new buzz around it. While the theme remains women-centric, ‘Memsaab’ has moved out of being just an article oriented site. ‘Memsaab’ now has an interesting collection of videos gathered from around the world which would at times tickle you, awe you and even shock you! You are welcome to upload your own videos as well and maybe you could be the next Barbara Streissand.

Then, ‘Memsaab’ has one of the most exhaustive collections of articles. These articles are written on a range of topics such as Fashion, Beauty, Self-Help and Entertainment. You can find some pretty good advice in these articles on a host of issues such as how to save money or how to lose weight, amongst many other topics. 

Our pieces on celebrities are not just articles. You would also find interesting pictures of your favourite star or celebrity in our galleries which we have painstakingly researched and uploaded just for you.

And keeping our goal in mind, that of being a community of like-minded self-respecting women who are proud to call themselves ‘Memsaabs’ we have aligned with Facebook and Twitter so that you can share your favourite articles, videos and galleries with your friends. We urge you to spread the message of ‘Memsaab’ to your family, friends and acquaintances so that more and more women around the world are encouraged to become ‘Memsaabs’ in their own right.

Come celebrate Womanhood! Be a part of ‘Memsaab’. 

Team Memsaab

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