How to Help Your Children With Board Exams After the Pandemic Hit School Year

By First Posted: Dec 30, 2020 Wed 1:54 PM
How to Help Your Children With Board Exams After the Pandemic Hit School Year
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In the Indian education system, board examinations for classes 10 and 12 are well-thought-out to be the fundamental building blocks for modeling the future of a student. The pattern and assessment criteria for these exams have time and again being changed to make the students ready for broad higher education. However, the students appearing for boards in the year 2021 are going to be making history, for being the only batch in recent years which has mastered the skill of online learning with the availability of both online and offline study material and limited social contact with their fellow mates.

There are several ways that if followed can help your children appearing for board exams 2021.

>Create a stable and calm study environment: Having a stable study space is really significant, as it helps the student achieve an equanimity. The key is minimizing the distractions from the space, they can be in the form of sound and visuals. Avoid having a study area near to the background noise from TV/Music system etc. Posters of motivating quotes, inspirational personalities can also be pasted. Keep the space tidy and organized for it to be functional and passable lightning is a must for kids to reduce the strain on sight.

>Good health and exercise are elemental: These days of quarantine and isolation from the social circles are emotionally exhausting. The entire responsibility of being in a happy and steady mindset lies in the activities students can do by themselves. Nutritious food consumption is way better than fast snacking. Ensure that you get good healthy food for your children and promote healthy exercising for a fresh mindset.

>Revision must never be omitted: This also helps in eradicating the post-exam anxiety. Guide your children for revisions. Regular revisions will boost your kid’s confidence towards his performance and will also act as a double check if any questions missed.

So, help your kid to prepare for their board exams after the pandemic hit school year.



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