Tips to Peel Arbi Without Irritating Your Hands

By First Posted: Dec 4, 2020 Fri 7:50 PM
Tips to Peel Arbi Without Irritating Your Hands
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Arbi is like potatoes, very versatile. You can make amazing dry Arbi sabzi to eat with rotis or you can make Arbi with gravy and enjoy it with rice. You can even make chaat or tikka out of Arbi. This is why we all love Arbi. But there is one big reason why many people avoid buying Arbi. The reason is that peeling Arbi is very difficult. It contains a chemical called Calcium Oxalate under the surface. So when you peel it, the chemical causes irritation and rashes on your hands.

But if you really love Arbi, also called Taro root or Calocasia, here are 3 simple tips to peel it without damaging your hands.

1. Apply some oil on your hands before you begin. This will prevent and reduce the irritation to a large extent.

2. The other option is to peel Arbi under running tap water. This washes the chemical away quickly as you peel, so it does not harm your hands as much.

3. The last option is to wear food grade gloves while you work with Arbi. This prevents contact and is very effective.

So you don't need to be worried about your hands any more, enjoy Arbis without hurting your hands!

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