Go Green with Your Rotis This Winter

By First Posted: Dec 3, 2020 Thu 8:02 PM
Go Green with Your Rotis This Winter
Image Credit: Archana's Kitchen

Winter is the time when the markets are overflowing with green leafy vegetables of various kinds. From methi, sarson and palak to herbs like mint and coriander, the green leaves available in winters bring a huge variety to our kitchens.

Have you ever tried to incorporate these fresh green leaves into your rotis? Most people ahve tried a methi roti at some point, but you can make green rotis with any kind of leafy vegetable. So ditch the saron ka saag and make sarson ki rotis this year!

Easy Peasy Green Rotis

Ingredients: Green leaves of any kind, you can use just one or a mix - Methi, Bathua, Sarson, Pudina, Dhaniya, Palak, Chulai etc. You will also need some chopped onions, ginger and green chillies. A little oil and seasonings to taste will be required too.

Method: Chop the green leaves finely, or blend them into a paste. Now make a dough with the chopped/ground leaves, onions, ginger, chillies, a spoon of oil and seasonings. Leave covered for 10 minutes.

Now make your rotis and cook them on a medium flame, using a little bit of oil.

Serve hot with achar, chutney or butter and enjoy!

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