Make Lemon Rice for a Spicy Brunch!

By First Posted: Nov 19, 2020 Thu 7:42 PM
Make Lemon Rice for a Spicy Brunch!
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What do you do with leftover rice from last night? Most people just eat it with dal or sabzi the next day. But today we bring you a spicy South Indian recipe to use up leftover rice. This recipe will make your leftover rice into a stellar dish that will not fail to impress!

Spicy South Indian Lemon Rice

Ingredients: Leftover rice, mustard seeds, whole red chillies, curry leaves, finely chopped onions, peanuts, oil, turmeric, salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Method: Start by heating a tbsp of oil in a pan. When the oil has heated up, add in a tsp of mustard seeds. When the seeds begin to pop, add in a tbsp of peanuts and a few curry leaves.

Now add in the finely shopped onions. Fry onions till they turn golden brown.

It is now time to add in salt, pepper, turmeric and any other masala you enjoy.

After cooking the turmeric for a minute, add in the leftover rice. Break the clumps apart, if any.

Mix the rice with the cooked masala onions.

Now add in 2 tsp of lemon juice and give the rice a good mix.

Voila! Spicy Lemon juice is ready. Enjoy!

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